Recently I read a definition that could easily explain what we mean when we speak about either your passion, or your purpose in life. Though there are a multitude of potential explanations for both of these terms. This short phrase, in my opinion, seems to encompass both the meaning of passion and of your purpose in life.

Clearly if you’re passionate about something or if you’re discussing your purpose in life, you should be completely enthusiastic, involved and driven. Motivation rwould not be necessary. We are all driven by our emotions and when we discover or uncover our purpose in life and/or our passion then we should be pursuing it with the fervor and drive that is unstoppable. It is of no consequence that we are getting paid for it or not.

I believe that if we do not pursue our passion or follow our purpose in life that we will be unfulfilled, unhappy and generally speaking, frustrated. We would tend to feel as if we were in a rut and probably believe that we did not have control of our life. Even extreme financial success would fall flat and we would realize that there was something much more important that would be required to make our life complete.

Sadly, a number of people that I have met, coached and have hired me as a consultant state they have given little or no thought to what their purpose might be. Many indicated they could not explain specifically what their passion might be. Without this self reflection and critical thinking all too many people lead lives of quiet desperation.

The definition that I read seems to provide a very simple insight that everyone should be able to utilize in the event they are still unsure of their passion, or purpose. The definition states, “Your passion and your purpose in life make your heart sing!”

They make your heart sing! That simple phrase seems to put it all into focus. I think I would be hard pressed to find people who could not close their eyes and envision something that would bring unbridled joy and fulfillment to their lives. If they were doing it. This could be a hobby such as fishing or skiing. It could be an action such as painting, speaking or writing. Whatever it might be, it will bring a smile and a sense of contentment to you. And if you find that your career or avocation involves your passion and purpose in life, well, that’s when you will be totally immersed in a spirit of gratitude and fulfillment.
So ask yourself, “What makes my heart sing?” Play with the notion, allow yourself to be free and to think freely and watch your vibrations and your emotions rise. After you have done this exercise, let me know what you think.