One of the most important elements of our very existence is our belief system. Unfortunately, very few people ever spend the requisite time to review this, alter it, and take the necessary steps to change any and all policies that are holding us back or steering us incorrectly.

And yet, our belief system is at the very core of everything that we think and do. It is so strong that all too many individuals will perceive something in reality, spin it through the abundance of filters we have implanted in our mind over the years, and actually alter reality to conform with their belief system.

A simple and innocuous example can be seen in the old fraternity pranks. A pledge who is blindfolded would be told that one of the Final acts of pledging his brotherhood would be to have a brand burned on their chest. To enhance the idea and make it more believable drops of water would be dripped onto a hot iron. Immediately afterward an ice cube would be placed on the pledge’s chest and, invariably, that person would feel they were getting burned.

The more insidious beliefs are those that we find in everyday life, personal beliefs that have absolutely no basis in reality and yet because they are negative we can ruin our own lives and affect the lives of others.

I feel it is important to review our beliefs from time to time, challenge them, and amend them accordingly to best assist us and suit our needs.