A serious scenario in a relationship occurs when one party lives in a state of scarcity and perpetually looks at matters in a dark and foreboding manner, and the other party lives in abundance, looking for the good in things and being solution oriented.

If the scarcity individual persists in remaining in this negative mode, then all too often the bombardment of negativity can infect the abundance person. I view this as a situation where one party is vigorously digging a huge hole while the other party is reaching over the edge, arm extended trying to help his partner get out of the abyss.

Unfortunately, at times the abundance minded person falls into the hole and together the pair makes the hole deeper and wider as despair sets in.
HOWEVER, as was shown to me by one of my clients, the abundance person, if successful can get out of the hole, and see the light of possibilities and solutions again.

And with this regained insight, the individual is able to regain their momentum and even more importantly, is filled with gratitude as they realize all of the potential and availability of solutions around them.

So, regardless of your situation, if you continue to live in, or regain the visions of abundance, don’t stop there! Embrace the gratitude that can accompany it and live life to the fullest.

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