Bill Knapp

Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is the ability to pursue your passion and reach your goals, resiliently tossing aside fears and obstacles by controlling your thinking, beliefs and actions.

You Might Be Better Off Dead Or Dying

Today’s Steps For Success and Fulfillment So You Won’t Regret Tomorrow

All too often we need to be shaken a bit and startled in order to realize that we should be taking a different direction from the one we are presently pursuing in life.

Our very existence is our belief system.

One of the most important elements of our very existence is our belief system. Unfortunately, very few people ever spend the requisite time to review this, alter it, and take the necessary steps to change any and all policies that are holding us back or steering us...

What’s your perspective?

 If you ever find yourself in a place, mentally or physically, that you really are not thrilled to be, then I have a bit of a suggestion. Change your perspective. You would be surprised what a difference that can make. And every situation always has an additional...

You know, I think that Descartes had a good point!

Roughly translated, Descartes’ statement, “ I think therefore I am,” is quite inciteful. Later versions state that, “We become what we think about all the time.” So, it might be quite useful if we stepped back and looked at what we think about all the time. It doesn’t...

Why you should become a thief

 I am a thief. Yes, I openly admit it and I am proud of it. But before you jab that button and turn off this presentation, please remind yourself of a very important point. There are good thieves and bad thieves. There is no way that I am going to suggest that you...

I have the Answer!

I don’t know about you, but it seems that I am being bombarded by constant “information” with “ Scientific Proof” from people in the know who are interested in filling my head with bluster, nonsense, and the “irrefutable truth.” They have all the inside information...

Changing the way you think!


Bill Knapp Mental Toughness a combining of four skill sets, Mental Toughness, Critical Thinking, Change of Perspective and Control of Emotions. It is an ongoing process that assists in identifying outdated, harmful habits that act as negative anchors on our path to success. Those habits and thoughts are then replaced with progressive, positive beliefs, thoughts and then actions propel individuals and companies towards goals, increased productivity and growing success.


To prepare for a marathon you do not go out and practice for one day and consider yourself in peak condition to complete the twnety-six mile race. It is an ongoing process where you improve steadily until you are able to put forth your best effort. In the same manner, Bill Knapp Mental Toughness is a process that builds on itself enabling the participant to grow, improve and succeed. It assists in knocking down obstacles, problems and issues that would stop the ordinary person.

Generally we commence with a one-day program that provides valuable insights, steps and suggests actions to begin the journey to reaching fulfillment and attaining goals that seemed improbable before.

We then offer weekly coaching through video training with particular steps that can be completed without interfering with the normal business schedule.