I don’t know about you, but it seems that I am being bombarded by constant “information” with “ Scientific Proof” from people in the know who are interested in filling my head with bluster, nonsense, and the “irrefutable truth.” They have all the inside information that is being kept from us, they quote innumerable sources that can back their theories. Sadly, in most cases, if you do spend the time to look at their sources, you will discover that they have very little it, if anything, to do with the oratorical spewing’s.

To make matters worse, all of these braggards seem to require thirty to forty-five minutes of your time to thoroughly brain wash you, and waste your time. Einstein could describe the Theory of Relativity faster than that.

Whoever coined the phrase, ”Fake news” wasn’t kidding. Take the issue of our volatile financial woes, couple them with the spread of the coronavirus and now you can add the epidemic of fake news. It seems that I receive a new theory from another postulating source at least twenty times a day.

Well I for one cannot accept the suggestion this illness was brought on by elephants who lost their tusks, munching peanut butter that was rancid, nor that it can be miraculously cured by eating caviar on a Ritz cracker was standing on your head in a tub of raw beet juice.

In reality these people who claim to have the utmost knowledge, more than any doctor, company, hospital, or government agency, are abusing the privileges of the First Amendment. What they are actually doing is scaring people or attempting to get them to do and take actions that could be extremely detrimental to their health. They will do anything for their fifteen minutes of fame.

Desperate people will do whatever they can to help the situation. But by providing lies and false hope, the snake oil salespeople are actually hurting the public and jeopardizing lives. Even worse, they are going to make it very difficult for someone who develoopsa valid, truly scientifically based solution. That solution that really could exterminate this disease will most likely be thrown into a box with those individuals who have a doctorate in verbal diarrhea.

What is the old quote from the 60s? If you’re not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.