Visiting a graveyard can be rather interesting. It provides a history of lives lived that have now left. And then what?

Well, this is not a religious blog so you can rest assured that I am not going to start spouting spirituality. I just want to share my opinion of what my worst nightmare, my greatest fear and my view of Hell would be.

Quite simply, I feel that as I take my final breath on this Earth and the gift of life is being sucked out of me, (in my case it will have to be forcibly sucked out of me,) that my final thoughts are of exasperation or regret. To me, Hell would be the frustrating and aggravating feeling that I had lived my life and left so many possible experiences untouched. I could have. I should have. I wish I had.

To look back on a life that was lived in a net of safety and unchallenged; that would be my version of Hell. To realize that the wonders of life and the fun of life had been restricted and minimized; that would be my version of Hell. To know that I had failed to provide an example to others and most importantly to my children and grandchildren that life is a miracle that we must embrace with love and gratitude; that would be my version of Hell. To see that I am leaving this Earth without helping others and providing assistance to others as best as I could; that would be my version of Hell.

Many, many years ago I adopted a habit. As I retired for the evening I would say to myself, “Today was the ____ of ______, 20___. It is over and done. Did I accomplish what I wanted today? What more could I have done? What will I improve for tomorrow? For today is gone and will not return.”

By continuing to improve and do for myself and others, I will never experience my version of Hell.