One of the most emotionally involved and highly debated situations finally culminated on Saturday, October 6, 2018. Brett Kavanaugh is the latest addition to the United States Supreme Court. But not before our country was torn further asunder. Was this caused entirely because of some actions that the candidate might have been involved in decades ago, or is there a deeper wound that is precipitating all of the anger streaming from both sides of the question?

Even after Justice Kavanaugh was sworn in to his new position the protests raged on across the country. Today I met a woman who is adamantly opposed to any kind of violence against anyone. But after considering all of the information that was being spit out by the numerous news agencies, and having listened to some of the testimony before the Senate, she reached her own conclusions. She felt that the testimony provided by both Christine Ford and Justice Kavanaugh was sincere, albeit emotional. She also felt that the proper decision was reached by confirming the new Justice.

Interestingly enough it was her opinion that Christine Ford actually hurt the Me Too movement.
One Senator stated that she believed, as do I, that Due Process as provided by the United States Constitution is not met by simple Senate confirmation hearings and testimony. This is one of the most hallowed areas of the Constitution and one that protects our rights better than all others.

But I am avoiding being judgmental or political about the debate that raged over the past several weeks.
What bothered me most was the absolute rage, contempt, hate and complete lack of consideration shown by all individuals, politicians, and groups representing both sides of the situation. Unfortunately this has been a cancer in our wonderful country that is destroying it from within. And it is growing and metastasizing at an alarming rate.

A historian provided an opinion on the television this morning. She pointed out that numerous presidents have taken office at times when our country has been in the throes of major issues and problems. Some far worse than what we are experiencing today; the Civil War, the Great Depression and the extreme racial tension and problems, all too many of which still exist today. This historian pointed out that the reason the United States survived and thrived after these major disturbances was because the public and politicians both were willing to at least listen to the other side even if they did not agree with them. There was at least a modicum of respect. And most had the common desire to heal and to unite our country.

Have we deteriorated to such a point that people and the United States are no longer our prime interest. Is party membership the only thing that matters? The Senators that crossed party lines and voted with their beliefs and their hearts are being chided almost as if they were being treasonous.

Personally I applaud those Senators because, in my opinion, those are the few that are still willing to reunite and build our country.