The vast majority of our belief system is well-established between the ages of three and eleven. Sadly many of these beliefs are not of our own making. Instead they come to us from people who generally mean well, but may be dangerously destructive to us instead. Our parents, teachers, persons of importance definitely influence us tremendously, and unfortunately mostly in a negative manner. They are generally speaking good, well minding individuals. But in order to keep us “safe” they tend to couch everything in a negative manner. I know a certain individual who is stagnant in his life, almost to the point of being agoraphobic, afraid to venture outside of his house. I attempted to work with him for a while but then realized that according to his own mind his issues are not his responsibility, but come from the manner in which his parents raised him. His favorite line is, “I’m too old to change.” It is truly a sad situation.

The key to unlocking our potential lies in one word, Responsibility.

If you want to measure where you are, if you want to know whether you’re on the success curve or on the failure curve, or if you want to assess anyone else and determine which curve thereon, here’s how. There is one attitude, one state of mind, which overwhelmingly predominates either side of the curve.
The predominant state of mind displayed by those people on the failure curve is blame. The predominant state of mind displayed by those people on the success curve is responsibility.
People on the success curve live a life of responsibility. They take full responsibility for who they are, where they are, and everything that happens to them.
Taking responsibility liberates you; in fact, it is perhaps the most single most liberating thing there is. Even when it hurts, even when it doesn’t seem fair. When you don’t take responsibility, when you blame others, circumstances, fate or chance, you give away your power.
Jeff Olson
The Slight Edge

So, how much responsibility are you willing to accept? It is incorrect to blame parents, environment, or circumstances. When you accept responsibility for your beliefs and thoughts you will find that your actions and results will quickly change. What steps are you willing to take?