How are your Demons treating you? Those beliefs that are ankle biters and are holding you back. They are stopping you from doing what you are able to do, from being fulfilled and from following your true calling or passion. They are not your friends and they are not there to help you.

And here is the kicker. Almost all of these Demons are mythical, fictitious and just plain wrong. Yet, they will control our lives completely if we allow them to do so.

Consider for a moment how beliefs can affect our lives and our very existence. On a positive slant, they can provide you with the confidence to pursue your dreams. They give you the strength to take the steps and risks to venture off the beaten path and be your own individual. They help you leave the wandering crowds behind and stake your own flag.

On the negative or limiting side, your beliefs paralyze you emotionally. They will come in masquerade, as caring and worried allies. All too often they come as messengers of safety who claim they don’t want you to get hurt. But in reality, they push you into a corner and bury you in fear. You may find yourself in a physical and emotional rut that you consider your “comfort zone.” At their worst, limiting beliefs can even kill you.

When you find that you are stepping back from a certain action, stop for a moment and look at yourself with a critical eye. Determine if the belief has validity, or is sucking the life out of your every thought. If it is a false or bad belief, toss it aside and replace it with an emotional progressive thinking view and form that into a positive belief.

Remember, it generally only takes thirty to thirty-five days of continual change to reduce a bad belief and replace it with a positive one that will enhance your life.